Value for the Field

SNAAP provides value to educators, policy makers and funders through publications, events, and more.

The SNAAP DataBrief provides topical findings useful to arts leaders in higher education and beyond.

SNAAP publishes annual findings based on the results of the SNAAP surveys as well as special reports.

The first SNAAP conference (March 2013) brought together arts educators, policy makers and funders to investigate the arts school of the 21st century: "3 Million Stories: Understanding the Lives and Career of America's Arts Graduates."

The second 3 Million Stories conference took place March 3-5, 2016 in Tempe, AZ.

SNAAP also offers workshops to institutions to assist them in using their data.

SNAAP provides other services including special analyses and consulting.

Data Sharing
The extensive, one-of-a-kind SNAAP database, housed and managed at Indiana University, is available to qualified researchers on request. Under participation agreements with SNAAP institutions, data that identifies individual institutions or individuals cannot be shared. A fee may be requested to offset the time that SNAAP analysts will need to strip the data of any identifying information and prepare the data for transmittal.